• Brilliant Life CD Album £4.99

    “[Brilliant Life] "...You’ll be happy to work on this for months before you understand it to the best of anyone’s ability because it’s crafty cheer masks so many layers of ideas. It’s fun yet absorbing too, a great collection of enthralling, lively songs with frequently unexpected surprises and some truly classy lyrics."” — MICK MERCER , GOTHIC ROCK BOOK/HEX FILES/THE MICK

    "[Brilliant Life]......The lyrics range from the utterly absurd to the disarmingly honest, but always charmingly (and sometimes unsettlingly) eccentric. From start to finish this album oozes personality, albeit a warped personality with a crooked grin........it’s a hugely appealing album and, like a sweetly malicious kitten, it will get its claws into you the moment you drop your guard." — Robert Maisey, Dominion

    “..." The 10 songs are all starting from a different sound and approach, which makes it a pleasure to listen to and discover what's underneath each layer.....I loved it..."”

    — Filip Van Muylem, Peek-a-Boo Magazine

    “[Brilliant Life] It's 10 songs filled with a little bit of dance, a little bit of rock and a lot of electronics. The key element that sets the Project apart from previous acts is the talent in the vocals.Neil Ash's voice has so many levels to it. From melodies, to sultry hooks and even a bit of angry rock-ness, there doesn't seem to be anything that he can't sing about. If that wasn't enough, the lyrics will throw you through another loop. They speak of everything from love lost to Coca-Cola.... ”

    — Rachel Fredrickson, Hybrid Magazine

    "Blending an almost pop sound with intelligent and dark lyrics. This is an album one must listen to many times to catch all the layers and meanings in each song......Each song on this album is it’s own journey with it’s own sound. Yet the band has it’s own cohesive sound that holds the tracks together. This album is one that never gets boring or “more of the same” sounding....They aren’t afraid to go to new places, try new styles, or be clever...." — Jack Ritchie, Darkest Radio / Darkestjack.com


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